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Gain Access to Even More Channels with Our Freesat Dishes in Southfleet, Kent

The MacDonald Aerial Company install Freesat™ dishes for our domestic customers in the Kent area. We offer a dish alignment service should your dish have moved by the wind or the window cleaners ladder!

Roof Satellite Dish Installation

For Your Convenience

Most dish installation companies put up dishes at the easiest point for themselves. However, our aim is to install your dish in the most inconspicuous manner possible. The MacDonald Aerial Company take the time to assess your home's location and roof so that you can receive a perfect signal. When possible, our experts will conceal your dish within your chimney. Thanks to this, you can rest assured knowing that the aesthetic appeal of your property won't be affected.

Offering Friendly Advice

To make sure that you fully understand our work, we'll explain the complete process of aerial and satellite dish installation with you in clear terms. When you choose us, you'll be kept informed every step of the way for your peace of mind. What's more, thanks to our skills and expertise, satisfaction is guaranteed.